I simply don’t blog.

I simply don’t blog.  It seems like the one thing in my life that I always put on my to do list that carries over from one week to the next is blogging.  It has never been because of story tellingmy lack of stories to share or something to say.  Not even because I don’t care.  It just has never been a priority.

The truth is assumption keeps me quiet.  Assuming people really don’t care about the stories or don’t have the time to read them.  Thoughts like…What makes my words and kidsstorytellingmy life so special that I actually need a blog? keeps blogging from actually happening. I have never been a self-promoter or social media ”make my life look glamorous, overly-hipster and fake-happy” type of person.  I just live my life to the full and out of the overflow comes some amazing stories and a real joy for life and the people around me!  I like to live full and stay hungry.

With that said, I have been challenged to share what is happening over here in Spain.  To share what has been stirring in me and the wild stories around me.  I am a storyteller, in the sense that I love to convey the beauty of God in the details of life.   It is an art and I hope to use this blog to be genuine, get over perfectionism and express that which brings more and more glory to God our Father!

May this post find you rested and loved.  Cheers to the New Year and stay tuned:)

A Bit(e) of Spain.


I used the following pictures for a photo contest two weeks ago for Mijas Pueblo, Spain!

El Toro...they are coming.

Through the tiles comes life.

Little Emma and the Bull ring.

Mijas White.


Costa Del Sol!

Shadows of Spain.


Candle light meets vino.

The locals.

Spain knows costumes.

San Sebastian

Mijas Pueblo, Spain.